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So, a little about myself.

I’m a simple traveller on the evolutionary roads of life, adding colour and contextual ideas to the otherwise monochrome world in which many prefer to live contained.

I work in many mediums, from textile to digital.

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"Night Prowler" A-Line Dress by CannyMitts | Redbubble - on @redbubble

Canny Mitts (@canny_mitts) • Instagram photos and videos -

(via Canny Mitts (@canny_mitts) • Instagram photos... - Expressive Evolution -

CannyMitts - Home Set - ArtsAdd

Cannymittsdesigns, Custom Cannymittsdesigns | CowCow

cannymitts - photos and artworks by cannymitts -

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I've noticed that if I share more than one design here to S6 sharing and promo groups that quite often the same person will comment and share a design of theirs on each of my promo posts but more often than not they share the same design (albeit maybe a different product) on all of my posts which is pointless as we can only promote a particular design once on S6. If we hit the heart icon twice it does nothing. Seems to me that if we always shared different designs on multiple posts from others that we would increase our own design promotions and ratings in S6 searches. So just remember: S6 only lets us promote designs, not products, and they only let us promote any given design once! Maybe a good idea to have a list handy of the design urls you currently want to promote so you don't waste time sharing the same design twice to one person! Hope this makes sense - if not please comment and I'll try to explain more clearly. ... See MoreSee Less

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My latest addition to my #etsy shop: DIY Toasty Tootsy Crochet Slipper Kit #supplies #crochet #kit #diy #lilac #violet #purple #beige #brown #cream #black ... See MoreSee Less

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